Essential Factors to Consider when Looking for a Massage Therapist


Essential Factors to Consider when Looking for a Massage Therapist

Nowadays you can get a massage almost anywhere. Of course, there are spas, salons and health clubs that offer massage treatments, but you can even get them at airports and shopping malls, even in the comfort of your own home (which I believe is the best). But the reality is, how do you know if the massage treatment you receive is performed by a professional? You don’t do that unless you ask for it. And even then you can get vague answers about someone who is a professional, also if it isn’t.

So if you are interested in massages like me and want to receive a precious massage, you should personally evaluate the massage therapist you have in mind so that you can get more for your money with the service and skills you deserve.


Looking for a good massage therapist? This is what you should consider:

If you are looking for a good massage therapist, you need to determine your skills, experience, years of service and even your philosophy or perspective on your profession. This is especially essential if you plan to receive regular massage therapy, especially when it comes to home visits.

Ask how long they have been in the industry.

This is the first question you should ask your potential massage therapist. The time you have been at work is an essential factor that can give you more information about your skill level. If they have more than five years of experience, this is a good sign. If you want to receive more specific treatments, such as Reiki or Thai massage, the longer you work, the better. However, make sure you do not end up with an unhealthy and exhausted therapist.

Ask them about their speciality, if there is one

This is especially useful if you prefer a specific type of massage therapy. Some common ones, such as Swedish or shiatsu, are covered in basic massage therapy courses. But there are other, more complex, such as hot stone massage, that requires an additional degree of study and practice. If you talk to a massage therapist dedicated to private services, knowing your skills and specialities will help you determine if you are the right therapist for your needs.

Ask them about their certifications or licenses

Dealing with a recognized massage therapist is always handy. Licensed therapists follow stricter procedures and standards and are also more competent. Besides, ask the therapist if you have additional certifications, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, or other techniques.

Other considerations include whether you feel comfortable with the therapist (or if you feel a bit uncomfortable) and whether you can create a schedule that also fits your schedule.

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