Nvidia’s new Tegra processor will give newness to the mobile phone


Nvidia’s new Tegra processor will give newness to the mobile phone

The giant world famous graphics chip maker Nvidia takes a big project for a new mobile phone processor. And they are now at the end stage of their work. In the near time, they will launch their product in the market.

In the modern computing device market, they only make some of the products, which are the best than any other company’s product. For example, their graphics card quality is noncomparable with any other product. Like a computer device, they only produce a part of the mobile. Nvidia plans to show off its new product for mobile application processors, which is called the Tegra processor. It is very much different and full of modern facilities than any other recent time smartphone processor.

APX 2500 was the previous launch product of the Nvidia’s. But it was not able to fulfil the aggregate demand of the user. Cause people always want newness. Others, Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Marvell, etc. companies are dominating the market for a long time. And there was no real significant difference with their processors and APX 2500 processor. So, Nvidia made its new Tegra processor with a lot of facilities to win in the modern competitive market.

The general manager of Nvidia Mike Rayfield said that “The Tegra series processors won’t consume more than a watt of power running at either 600MHz or 800MHz, while Atom is capable of exceeding that limit”. So the mobile phone with this processor will be much faster than any other smartphone. For this reason, Nvidia is calling it Tegra “the world’s first computer on a chip for mobile visual computers.” For its fastness, the mobile Internet service and the Sub-note book service will be much excellent than any other. Nvidia already declared that their Sub-note book service qualities will likely the Eee PC. And the Internet service you will get direct support for WiFi by this device. Others, like Nvidia’s graphics card, the mobile phone will also get high resolution or graphics quality for this processor.

The corporate vice president of Microsoft’s mobile communication business Todd Warren said, “With NVIDIA’s Tegra processor line, we will continue to see impressive mobile innovations in Windows Mobile products.” From his word, it can say that how fashionable will it.

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