The Lean Bodybuilder’s Quick Diet Handbook for Massive Gains


How can a bodybuilder make the huge profit needed to overcome a thin and light body type? There is no simple answer! Ectomorphs and hard winners face unique obstacles. This short guide covers one of the most important aspects of the lifestyle with massive gains: diet! You have to eat to grow.

The Lean Bodybuilder’s Quick Diet Handbook for Massive Gains

There are two different ways to deal with the nutritional situation: dirty volume and clean volume. Collecting dirt means eating everything that fits your macros: this philosophy doesn’t go so far as to say that bodybuilders can get away with eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do that.

Extreme ectomorphs can get away with the dirty load for a while. But a poor diet still increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other unpleasant ailments. That is why so many bodybuilders choose the “clean count” method to count calories. Sometimes this means that the diet must be limited to food that efficiently meets those macronutrients.

Efficient food for ectomorphs

The increase in the dirty volume often attracts ectomorphs because they have such a high calorific need. They often have to eat and eat aggressively to ensure that there are enough calories and macronutrients for maintenance and profit. On the other hand, more and more ectomorphs are changing to increase the volume to treat problems such as low appetite, low energy and the ever-present risk of “thin fat”.

So what kind of clean food fits the lifestyle and at the same time offers the high levels of nutrients that ectomorphic bodybuilders desperately need? It is easier to start with the basics and add flavor from there. We help you choose a number of groups of basic ingredients to get you started:

1. meat and fish

Ground beef, steak, chicken fillet … this all doesn’t work well. Lean meat is full of proteins and healthy fats. Steak is a great source of zinc, just like chicken with dark meat. The real trick is to eat portions that offer the best protein balance without getting full. A large meat sandwich lunch can contain calories, but it can also slow it down at the gym.

If you want all the good nutrients and proteins without getting too full, try salmon, tuna and other light fish in the stomach. The nutritional and bodybuilding value of meat makes it worthwhile to clean the freezer; It is difficult to prepare meat on a busy schedule (if you like complicated recipes), so try planning your meals in advance.

2. Healthy grains

Pasta is one of those foods that health lovers usually avoid. On the other hand, pasta can really help to collect calories. Whole grain pasta offers complex carbohydrates and even a hint of protein, and a fair amount of fiber to complete. However, the main reason why this is a good bodybuilding diet is that you will never have new recipe ideas and you can reuse leftover meat / vegetables.

Not a big fan of pasta? Try quinoa or brown rice. Quinoa is not exactly a grain; It is a seed. It has more magnesium and zinc than brown rice and a good amount of fiber to finish it off. A cup of quinoa usually exceeds 200 calories! And those carbohydrates burn slowly to get sustainable energy. It is simple or boil, cool and add to the salad.

3. Eggs and dairy products

A bodybuilder must learn to love eggs. They are a great source of protein and do not fill you. Leave the yoke and enjoy a little more iron, potassium, selenium, biotin and vitamins A, E, B and D. These are many good things! Unless you have a dietary restriction against the yolks (for example with a high cholesterol level), winners can really benefit from the whole egg diet.

Dairy is just as important. Milk contains whey protein and casein, and both are easy to digest. Calcium, potassium and fatty acids are unbeatable. Consider taking a large, large portion of cottage cheese before bed; Extra casein helps create a slowly absorbing power source to help your muscles recover while you sleep.

Are you looking for more nutritional advice for people who work hard and have ectomorphs? Take the time to visit and get more information about how to add volume to a lean and natural framework: the whole routine.

Good nutrition is the basis of a good volume. Breathing large amounts of calories is only half the battle. The hardest part is to find a source of calories that you can collect while feeling energetic enough to go to the gym later.

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